Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taste the Rainbow Bitches!!

So that joke about the gay drive-by with skittles? Ya...kinda been wanting to do that lately. Just around my apartment building. 'Cause it would be oh-so-much-fun!! Its getting kinda boring and quiet. We have, in my building alone, 6 empty apartments, and another neighbor is moving very far away on August 1st. (FINALLY!) And IDK how many are still empty in our new building...I tease the neighbor kid when he's walking his yappy dogs by my apartment at night's warm right now so my windows are open. So I grab one of my dogs squeaky toys and go to our spare room and squeak the toy by the window. It gives me at least 10 minutes of pleasure while doing this, cause this kid is one of the 4 children in a different apartment and we refer to them as The Spawn of Satan, or SOS for short. But I wish I had more people to mess with   :( I can only be a bitch to so many people, so many times before they catch on that I'm doing it for M.E., My Enjoyment!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yeah you, PMS Like a bitch I would know.

  OK can someone please explain this fucking shit to    me.....? Like he says he loves me and I mean everything  to him but when it gets hard he runs like a little bitch....  and what he is mad about half the time isn't my fault it is   his god damn ex wife's or his baby mama's... So I get treated like shit because of their fuckng mistakes.... Then he wants to take a break and says I can do whatever...  but then again we all know that is never what they mean...  So what exactly does "Do whatever you want" actually mean..? And If I am so hard to be around why doesn't he just actually break up with me... none nonetheless.... He decided we needed a break on our one month anniversary.... After he had me sign out of my lease to get a house with him.. I know I know better I guess I just wanted to believe it was real this time and he really meant what he said.... I still want to believe him I really do care about him and his three children.. But fuck I am not sure what to believe he is so much like the song.... But when it's good it's great.... Like he usually makes me feel special but about a week ago everything flipped and fuck it just doesn't make since... I know there is a lot of stress but putting me through this is ridiculous..........Like I wish he would honestly just fucking man up and love me.  OK I am done for the moment..... 

Hello, I Love You Let Me Jump In Your Game!!

Um, what the fuck am I doing?...Rhetorical question. Now where do I start my bitch fest? Backtrack, let me explain; I live in this apartment complex in a small town in Northern Utah. And everyone is into everyone's shit. Lots of drama, shit-talking, and none of them have the balls to say it to your face. This is going to be my place to vent because I'm sick of hearing about what I said to so-and-so that I never fuckin' said. So...I will be writing my next post here shortly. This was just to say "Sup? I'm Valerindra."